The interdisciplinary research projekt ENTOURAGE aims to develope an open ecosystem for assistance systems in the Internet of Things. Involved in this state-aided collaboration of corporations and research institutions is Cristina Mihale Wilson. The integration of our devices and assistance functions in an open ecosystem is ought to counteract missing norms of interfaces and data format. At the same time, a appropriate security architecture will be elaborated to warrant protection of personal data. By intuitive use devices and functions of several providers, end users should be allowed to make an informed decision based on function and not constraints in the ease of use. This also gives rise to start-ups and new innovative ideas to enter the market.

In the field of Connected Car, Smart Home as well as Public Transport and Infrastructure, the developed solution architecture will be implemented and tested. Different interfaces and functions will be provided for use. The impact of intelligent assistance systems on the security of personal data will be analyzed in an effort to provide security for sensible data. Concerning public transport, the combination of individual route planing and user preferences with real time data on the infrastructure is the focus of study.

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