About S@ndra

The interdisciplinary research project S@NDRA, with the involvement of Zofia Saternus, aims to find employee-friendly solutions to the problem of constant reachability, entailed by today's technologies. The influece of digitalization as well as the intensified used of technology on the work-life-balance of employees are depicted structurally. The goal is to develope concrete applications for operative practice.

Goethe University Frankfurt is in charge of requirements analysis. The preferences of relevant stakeholders will be collected by scientific means. For this depth interviews about the management of individual availability with employees and employers is intended. In the context of a qualitative content analysis, explorative findings about the nature of different preference-classes will be identified. Data collection will be supported by corporate users and partners by granting access to human and technical ressources as well as selected contacts.

The quantitative data collection of fundamental information about user preferences in large numbers will be conducted with the inclusion of insights from the qualitative analysis. Preferences to be collected will be looked upon from perspectives. Companies of varying size and from different branches will be analyzed and demographic characteristics of users, such as their age group, gender, etc. will be regarded in order to facilitate the best possible support to the later conception of appropriate measures. In order to achieve this, methods such as the choice-based-conjoint-analysis and quantitative methods such as multivariate regressions and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are applied.

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