Kassel Foundation

The Kassel Foundation is funding the subproject "Do intelligent decision support systems erode moral behavior?" by Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz and Prof. Dr. Christoph Burchard to establish an interdisciplinary center for Data Science at Goethe University.

It has been frequently shown that algorithms make better predictions than humans in many application areas. Nevertheless, research reveals a divided view in regard to the use of algorithmic predictions. On the one hand, several studies document a deep-rooted distrust and avoidance of the use of algorithmically generated outputs, which is referred to as "algorithm aversion". On the other hand, empirical studies also demonstrated that individuals prefer algorithmic recommendations over those of their peers or their own judgment. This tendency is often referred to as "algorithm appreciation". However, there are controversial accounts concerning the human tendency to rely on intelligent decision support systems. For example, in the U.S., algorithmic risk assessment systems are already used as decision support in a variety of judicial decisions, sometimes with far-reaching consequences for the defendants.

The subproject, in which Dr. Kevin Bauer and Johannes Chen are also involved, intends to contribute to this strand of the literature. The goal is to develop an intelligent decision support system, to investigate its influence on human decision making in experiments, and to derive possible implications for science and business.