Inspired by the successes of machine learning in numerous areas of life, the project "From Machine Learning to Machine Teaching (ML2MT)" aims at a better understanding of how humans and machines can mutually generate new knowledge in collaborative human-AI systems. In this mutual learning process, humans and machines form a symbiotic interaction: insights gained by AI systems can sustainably enhance the knowledge and skills of human domain experts; the domain experts, in turn, can use the learned knowledge to optimize the machine in return.

A consortium consisting of renowned academic institutions is working on this extensive and significant project: Goethe University Frankfurt as well as Goethe University Hospital, Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF) and Darmstadt University of Technology.

In order to make optimal use of common resources and realize synergies, the consortium has developed a detailed methodological plan consisting of three project units: The first project unit will elaborate cognitive, educational and technical foundations of Machine Teaching. The second unit will empirically investigate the practical applications and long-term effects of Machine Teaching. Finally, the third project unit will synthesize general principles of Machine Teaching and thus aggregate the knowledge created in this project.

With this methodological approach, the project will contribute to a sharpened understanding of human-AI interaction and the resulting potentials for all areas of life.