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"Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users"

The dispersion and increased use of Online Social Networks (OSN) and the associated availability of a large amount of digital footprints opens new opportunities to study social behaviour and human interaction. This data enable research on the emergence of social capital as well as the influence of social capital on several social phenomena, for instance success on the job market.

Michael Weiler is engaged in the proposed Research Training Group (RTG) that aims to achieve:

  • a "state of the art" review of the research on "Social Capital" as well as current trends regarding the operationalisation of the aforesaid concept
  • to utilize the interdisciplinary collaboration between several disciplines, namely computer science, law, economics, sociology and usability research, that so far had few points of contact, to contribute to the methodical discussion of the validity of digital footprints of OSN
  • to generate new insights in the field - how Social Capital available in OSN can be converted to economic capital - as well as investigate and discuss implications for several social groups, such as users and platform operators.

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