Information Systems


The Seminar "Information Systems" will cover current topics of Business informatics that bridge the fields of technology and economy. Exemplary are the topics Blockchain, reputation mechanisms, user-generated content, assistance systems and context-sensitive applications.

These topics will be processed by the participants of the seminar, in a term paper and a presentation. Furthermore a project work will be offered, where one can either analyse a dataset with tools of multivariate analysis or machine learning or solve a business relevant problem by conception and implementation of a prototype. An introductionary course about scientific work will inform about the expected course of action.

Educational objectives

After completion of the seminar, participating students will be able to

  • work scientifically (LGB-7)
  • work with a team (LGB-6)
  • independently process current topics in the field of information systems and present them (LGB-1)
  • either apply methods of multivariate statistics on datasets or make decisions relevant to management on basis of analysis (LGB-2)
  • or conceptualize applications in order to solve business-relevant problems and implement those as a prototype (LGB-5)
  • present their work to fellow students (LGB-7)


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