Björn Hanneke

M.Sc. Finance


Room: 2.262
Phone +49 (69) 798 34718
Links: LinkedIn | ORCiD | ResearchGate


Björn Hanneke studied International Management at ESB Business School Reutlingen (BSc.) and Finance at Lancaster University Management School (MSc.).

After his studies Björn Hanneke founded a data analytics start-up and joined the strategy consulting company Berg Lund & Company in 2014. As consultant, he assisted clients from the financial industry with respect to their digital transformation, automation and digitization of business processes.

Since February 2022 Björn Hanneke has been working as research assistant at Goethe University Frankfurt at the Chair of Information Systems and Information Management of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz.

Research Interests
  • Digital Platforms
  • Crypto Economy & Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • (Non-Fungible) Tokens & Token Economy (Tokenomics)

Hanneke, Björn / Baum, Lorenz / Schlereth, Christian / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "Consumer Preferences for Privacy Management Systems", International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2023, Hyderabad, India. [Download]

Hanneke, Björn / Baum, Lorenz / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "GDPR Privacy Type Clustering: Motivational Factors for Consumer Data Sharing", European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2023, Kristiansand, Norway. [Download]

Hanneke, Björn / Baum, Lorenz / Schunck, Christian / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "Privatsphärenfreundliche Plattformgeschäftsmodelle – Geschäftsmodell-Navigator", Datenschutz und Datensicherheit (DuD), conditionally accepted.

Pfeiffer, Lars / Astfalk, Stefanie / Baum, Lorenz / Hanneke, Björn / Schunck, Christian / Winterstetter, Matthias (2023): "Anforderungen an die automatisierte Protokollierung von Datenverarbeitungstätigkeiten in einem Transaktionsjournal: eine Multi-Stakeholder-Perspektive auf Motivation und Umsetzung", in Friedewald / Roßnagel / Neuburger / Bieker / Hornung (Hrsg.): "Daten-Fairness in einer globalisierten Welt", 117–144, Nomos (Privatheit und Selbstbestimmung in der digitalen Welt, 2), Baden-Baden. [Download]

Lectures / Supervised Theses
  • Understanding Mobile Crypto Users: User Profiles, Usage Patterns and Adoption Decisions (Master)
  • User Adoption Models for Token-Based Multiplayer Crypto Games (Master)
  • Consumer Preferences for Privacy-Friendly Platform Business Models (Master)
  • A Taxonomy of Privacy-Friendly Platform Business Models –  The Case of Digital Labor Platforms (Master)
  • Evolution von Plattformgeschäftsmodellen für die Kryptoökonomie - Unterschiede zu traditionellen Plattformgeschäftsmodellen (Bachelor)
  • Empirical Investigation of Crypto Network Evolution on the Basis of Consolidated Crypto Network Data (Bachelor)
  • Crypto Currency Returns - An Application of Machine Learning Methods (Bachelor)