Constantin Brîncoveanu

M.Sc. Business Information Systems



Constantin Brîncoveanu completed his Master’s degree in Business Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna, specializing in Machine Learning and International Economics. Throughout his professional career, he has gained extensive experience as a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist with Cloudflight, Deutsche Bundesbank, and Magenta Telekom Austria, focusing particularly on innovative AI solutions and efficient data management across various business sectors.

Constantin is deeply interested in the socio-economic impacts of AI technologies. His research aims to deepen the understanding of how AI systems can be designed and implemented to maximize their positive effects on the economy and society.

Since March 2024, he has been a doctoral candidate and research associate at the Chair of Business Informatics and Information Management, led by Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz. Here, he seeks to integrate his extensive technical expertise and passion for AI into innovative research projects, actively contributing to the advancement of the field.

Core areas
  • Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Neuro-symbolic AI
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Impact of AI on the Economy and Society