Dr. Michael Weiler

M.A. Sociology




Michael Weiler (born 1984) studied Sociology at the Ruprechts-Karls-University of Heidelberg. The focus of his studies was on social network analysis. In June of 2013 he finished university with a masters degree in sociology. His final thesis “A scene that prides itself on doing-it-yourself: network formation and innovation within the first wave of Californian Hardcore Punk (1978-1986)” empirically investigates the development of network structures over time, the innovative capacity of the actors and processes of genre differentiation depending on the network structures.

Since October 2015 he was a doctoral student at the research training group “Privacy and Trust in mobile devices”. He gained practical experiences in market research at a small owner-based company. Furthermore, he worked as an academic research assistant at the Max-Weber-Institute of the University of Heidelberg in a project about the “Internationalen Bauausstellung (IBA 22)”.

Core Areas
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Cultural production of goods
  • Social capital, social support

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