Patrick Felka

Dr. Patrick Felka

M.Sc. Business Informatics


Office: 2.227
Phone +49 (69) 798 33862


Patrick Felka studied business administration and computer science at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. The focus of his studies was on Project Management, Machine Learning and Data-Mining. In May of 2015 he finished university with a master's degree and began his Ph.D. work at the professorship of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz. Furthermore, Patrick Felka is part of the Collaborative Research Center 1053 MAKI (Multi-Mechanism Adaptation for the Future Internet) since May 2015. During his doctoral studies in subproject C5, he worked on context-based predictions for the dynamic adaptation of network infrastructures.

In May 2020 he completed his Ph.D. program at the Goethe University with the academic title Dr. rer. pol. His Ph.D. thesis "Context-Based Analytics and Optimization in Information Systems Research" examines the use of context factors in different research and application areas of information systems research.

Currently, Mr. Felka is a postdoctoral researcher and, in cooperation with Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf, is working on the transfer of existing findings into practice and on the acquisition of new insights into context-based predictions

Core Areas

•    Data Science
•    Edge Computing
•    Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
•    Mobile App Development


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