Dr. Wenyan Zhou

M.Sc. Management




Wenyan Zhou (born in 1987) studied Electronic Commerce at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, with a focus on consumer behaviors in two-sided markets (the most famous online platform in China, named Alibaba). In her master thesis, entitled "Opportunistic Claiming Behavior in Two-sided Market," she found the mechanism of consumers’ unethical behavior decision and also some suggestions to relief the dilemma of abusing service guarantee. Moreover, she is interested in other marketing and management strategies in two-sided markets, because the interactive effects among sellers, buyers and platforms are very attractive.


Since September 2013, Wenyan Zhou was a research assistant in the department of Information system, specifically in Electronic Markets lead by Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz at TU Darmstadt. She aimed to get more research experience to fix more complicated and changing work.

Core Areas
  • Opportunistic Claiming Behavior in Two-sided Markets
  • Advertising Strategy in Two-sided Markets
  • Service Strategies of Online Platform
  • Social Networks
  • Electronic Word-of-Mouth
  • National scholarship for graduate students, 2012
  • Awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund by China Scholarship Council from 2013 to 2017