K. Valerie Carl

M. Sc. Business Administration/Industrial Engineering


Room: 2.239
Telephone +49 (69) 798 34793


K. Valerie Carl studied Business Administration/Industrial Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt. She completed her bachelor's degree in 2018 and her master's degree in 2020 with the title Master of Science.

She wrote her master's theses on "The Reasonableness of Participating in a Digital Ecosystem from the Perspective of Entrepreneurs" and "Development of an Incentive System for the Evaluation of Usage-Dependent Payment Models in Mechanical Engineering". Parallel to her studies she worked for the chair of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz and supported the ENTOURAGE and the FORESIGHT project.

Since October 2020, K. Valerie Carl has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Information Systems and Information Management of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz and is part of the research project CDR-CAT (CDR-CAT (uni-frankfurt.de)).

Core Areas
  • Corporate Digital Responsibility
  • Digital Ecosystems
  • User Preferences for Innovative Technologies
  • AI-based Digital Assistants
  • Internet of Things

Carl, K. Valerie (2023): "Data Privacy and Security in the Context of CDR: A Scoping Review", INFORMATIK 2023, Berlin, Germany.

Carl, K. Valerie / Kubach, Michael / Mihale-Wilson, Cristina (2023): "The Motivation of Companies to Implement Corporate Digital Responsibility Activities Voluntarily: An Empirical Assessment", WI2023, Paderborn, Germany, conditionally accepted.

Carl, K. Valerie / Mihale-Wilson, Cristina / Zibuschka, Jan / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "A Consumer Perspective on Corporate Digital Responsibility—An Empirical Evaluation of Consumer Preferences", Journal of Business Economics (JBEC), forthcoming.

Weber, Patrick / Carl, K. Valerie / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "Applications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Finance – A Systematic Review of Finance, Information Systems, and Computer Science Literature", Management Review Quarterly (MRQ). doi.org/10.1007/s11301-023-00320-0 [Download]

Abdel-Karim, Benjamin M. / Pfeuffer, Nicolas / Carl, K. Valerie / Hinz, Oliver (2023): "How AI-Based Systems Can Induce Reflections: The Case of AI-Augmented Diagnostic Work", Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ), forthcoming.

Carl, K. Valerie (2022): "The status-quo of companies' data privacy and security communication: An ethical evaluation and future paths", INFORMATIK 2022, Hamburg, Germany.

Carl, K. Valerie / Zilcher, Timothy Markus Christian / Hinz, Oliver (2022): "Corporate Digital Responsibility and the current Corporate Social Responsibility standard: An analysis of applicability", Open Identity Summit 2022 (OID2022), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mihale-Wilson, Cristina / Carl, K. Valerie (2022): "Drivers of Adoption of Contact Tracing Mobile Applications", European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2022, Timisoara, Romania.

Carl, K. Valerie (2021): "Corporate Digital Responsibility: Evaluating Privacy and Data Security Activities on Company-level", INFORMATIK 2021, Berlin, Germany.

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Carl, K. Valerie / Mihale-Wilson, Cristina (2020): " Consumer Privacy Concerns and Preferences for Certification and Accreditation of Intelligent Assistants in the Internet of Things", Open Identity Summit 2020 (OID2020), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Keller, Katharina / Carl, Kim Valerie / Jöntgen, Hendrik / Abdel-Karim, Benjamin M. / Mühlhäuser, Max / Hinz, Oliver (2019): "K.I.T.T., where are you?" - Why Smart Assistance Systems in Cars enrich People's Lives", International Workshop on Ubiquitous Personal Assistance (UPA 2019 at UbiComp 2019) (Best Paper Award).