Katharina Keller


M.Sc. Business Informatics


Office: 2.262
Phone +49 (69) 798 34656


Katharina Keller studied Business Administration and Computer Science at the Goethe University Frankfurt (M.Sc.). Before, she obtained a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics with the major Marketing/Management (B.Sc.). She spent a semester abroad at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics during her bachelor studies. In June of 2017 she finished university with a Master degree. She wrote her master thesis about “Technology Choice Behavior in Post-Adoption IS Usage”.

Since July 2017, Katharina Keller is part of the research team of the professorship of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz. Initially at the Chair of Information Systems | Electronic Markets at TU Darmstadt and since September 2017 at the Chair of Information Systems and Information Management at Goethe University.

Core Areas
  • User Preferences for Innovative Technologies, e.g. mobile wireless networks, Multipath TCP on mobile devices, forwarding in ad-hoc networks
  • Customer Satisfaction, Service Failure, Customer Churn
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Assistants, e.g. intelligent parking systems
  • User Studies: Discrete Choice Experiments

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Keller, Katharina / Schlereth, Christian / Hinz, Oliver (2021): “Sample-based Longitudinal Discrete Choice Experiments: Preferences for Electric Vehicles over Time”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Keller, Katharina / Zimmermann, Christian / Zibuschka, Jan / Hinz, Oliver (2021): "Trust is Good, Control is Better - Customer Preferences Regarding Control in Teleoperated and Autonomous Vehicles", Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2021).

Keller, Katharina (2020): "Intelligent Parking Systems – The Smart Assistant Thinks Around the Corner", International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2020), India (Best Paper in Track).

Keller, Katharina / Felka, Patrick / Fornoff, Jan / Hinz, Oliver / Rizk, Amr (2020): "Quality of Experience Measurements of Multipath TCP Applications on iOS Mobile Devices", ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSYS 2020), Istanbul, Turkey.

Abdel-Karim, Benjamin M. / Keller, Katharina / Franzmann, Daniel (2020): "The Rise of Information System Research: A Big Picture based on Social Network Analysis over Four Decades", European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2020), Marrakech, Morocco.

Keller, Katharina / Carl, Kim Valerie / Jöntgen, Hendrik / Abdel-Karim, Benjamin M. / Mühlhäuser, Max / Hinz, Oliver (2019): "K.I.T.T., where are you?" - Why Smart Assistance Systems in Cars enrich People's Lives", International Workshop on Ubiquitous Personal Assistance (UPA 2019 at UbiComp 2019) (Best Paper Award).

Al-Shatri, Hussein / Keller, Katharina / Jacobfeuerborn, Fabian / Hinz, Oliver / Klein, Anja (2019): "Eliciting and Considering Underlay User Preferences for Data-Forwarding in Multihop Wireless Networks", IEEE Access.

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