Maximilian Lowin

M.Sc. Business Informatics


Office: 2.210
Phone +49 (69) 798 34695


Maximilian Lowin studied business informatics at TU Darmstadt. There, he completed his Master's degree in 2019 with the academic title Master of Science. During his studies he spent an exchange semester at Chalmers University of Technology and focused mainly on the topics of artificial intelligence and human user interfaces.

He wrote his master thesis on the topic "The influence of employee satisfaction on a company's success - An empirical study using Social Media platforms as an example". Besides the studies, he worked as a freelance software developer on the topics of web, databases, and IoT.

Since January 2020 Maximilian Lowin is working as a research assistant at the Chair of Information Systems and Information Management of Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz.

Core Areas
  • Machine Learning
  • Information Extraction from Social Media and Public Data Sources
  • Smart Living & Internet of Things
  • Decision Support Systems

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